Fancourt’s hospitality extends to the airport of George


(Posted 24th April 2017)

The hospitality of Fancourt extends, as just experienced, way beyond being wished farewell by the reception staff, or in my case the hotel manager after checking out or the gatekeepers waiving goodbye when leaving the estate.
Fancourt operates their own lounge at the airport in George. Located at the gate area is it accessible for Manor House and Fancourt Hotel guests after they have cleared their security check to enter the gate area. The facility is a proper premium lounge available for every guest who checked out on the day and is flying from George to their next destination.
The Fancourt lounge is situated on the ground floor just before the staircase to the airline lounges upstairs and the estate’s own premium lounge is just as well equipped and catered for as one finds at airline lounges, except for the special Fancourt touch visitors to the estate have gotten used to during their stay.
Coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices, wines and even champagne are served as are sweets and cookies available to snack on should either peckishness set in so soon after leaving the estate or perhaps slight butterflies in the stomach caused by flight anxiety.
Either way, guests in the lounge lack nothing until the moment their flight is called. In fact they are close up to the action on the apron as planes arrive, passengers disembark, embark and planes then taxi out for take off, all seen through the wide glass front which surely must be the best seats at George Airport for plane watchers.
This gesture is surely not just another gimmick but extends Fancourt hospitality right up to the moment of boarding, ensuring that the brand experience extends to the very end of a stay in George and on Fancourt.

The airport is served by such airlines as Kulula, flying in codeshare arrangements with Kenya Airways – which of course means that Eastern Africa connects directly to George and the Fancourt estate – but also SA Airlink, FlySafair, Mango, SA Express and FlyCemAir among others.
Perhaps time for some other famous hospitality names to think along the same lines and also establish a presence at their home airport?

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