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Meet our marathon heroes!
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RhiNEWS_Title_left.jpg April 2017

A huge thank you and congratulations to each and every member of the incredible 2017 Save the Rhino London Marathon team!

The sun shone on our 54 rhino heroes as we celebrated their success. We’d also like to give a rhino-sized thank you to 14 very special Rhino Runners, who conquered the 26.2 miles wearing our iconic rhino costumes – a truly fantastic achievement. Vinny O’Neill was our fastest costume-clad Runner, coming in at a speedy 04:40:26. So far, our Rhino Team have raised a magnificent £101,000. Can you show the love and help them reach their target of £120,000?

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Shoot to kill?

The so-called "militarisation of conservation" has attracted controversy. Are communities, living near rhino habitat, being caught in the cross-fire of an arms race between rangers and poachers?

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The "value" of rhino horn

Recently, while appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and being interviewed by hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, our Communications Manager, Katherine, politely declined – twice – to give a figure for what rhino horn can fetch in the Asian black market.

So why does Save the Rhino refuse to publicise this information?

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Growing the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary

There are just 100 Sumatran rhinos on Earth, making them possibly the most endangered species on our planet. The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary is boosting the population with a captive breeding programme.

10 Sumatran rhinos live in the Sanctuary, within heavily protected natural habitat in Indonesia. In four years two new calves have been born. Now, thanks to your help, the Sanctuary is doubling in size.

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27- 30 August 2017
Join the Iceland Challenge

Spectacular glaciers, roaring hot springs and mountain views set the Iceland Challenge apart.

This August, 150 adventurers will conquer two marathon-style treks with tough hills and river crossings. The trek will be a test of their stamina and adaptability, with some of Iceland’s most majestic views to keep them going. At night, they’ll camp in the wilderness of famous Laugavegurrin trail.

If you’d like to become an Iceland Challenger, register by 24 June to secure your place.

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Can we stop customer demand for rhino horn?
An interview with Madelon Willemsen, from TRAFFIC in Viet Nam

"Demand for rhino horn in Viet Nam increased dramatically after 2009by understanding people’s motivation for buying rhino horn, we can then use targeted marketing to change their behaviour."

Madelon’s team are working to reduce demand for rhino horn by using innovative marketing strategies. She tells us about their early signs of success.

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Thank you for boosting our Rhino Runners with energy!
23 April 2017

rhino’s energy GmbH supplied our fantastic Rhino heroes with energy drinks at London Marathon 2017, helping them to recharge after a long race!

Thank you so much to the dedicated team at rhino’s energy for supporting our wonderful fundraisers and for protecting rhinos worldwide by donating more than £14,000 since 2012.

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Save the Rhino Viet Nam
Last Chance to buy!


If you missed the chance to get your hands on one of our limited edition Save the Rhino Viet Nam T-Shirts last year, don’t worry!

We have four extras available on our online shop now, with all proceeds going straight towards our campaign to educate young people in Viet Nam about the importance of rhino conservation.

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