Joan Wandegi’s latest updates from troubled Laikipia

Kuki Gallman is one of the founders of LWF. Some 25 years ago she joined a group of concerned Laikipia landowners to address conservation and the sharing of benefits that come from the protection of wildlife on private lands. She is a pioneer and a devoted conservationist.
This past weekend Kuki was shot on her own land while assessing the damage caused by vigilante groups destroying property on her Conservancy – Ol Airy Nyiro – or the Laikipia Nature Conservancy. She was evacuated to Nairobi after valiant efforts by the Kenya Wildlife Service and the British Army Training Unit in Kenya (BATUK) to stabilize her for travel. She underwent surgery in Nairobi and is recovering.

Kuki joins more than 50 Kenyans who have been injured or killed by the continued incursion of armed groups on to private lands – big and small – in Laikipia. Whether in Umande or Ole Naishu; whether in Ewaso or Loisaba; whether in OI Maisor or Ol Moran, this violence must stop.

If this were Palestine, 50 violent injuries and deaths would be an agenda item on the Security Council of the UN, but it’s not; and any resolution that is passed must come from Kenyans in support of Kenyans. Only we have the power to stop this wholly unnecessary lawlessness.

Let us use our voice, our vote, our actions, and our commitment to a peaceful Kenya and to restore the sanctity of property and of life in our County and our Country. We urge everyone to raise their voice in opposition to this violence and to let their Chiefs, MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governors know that we don’t condone any more violence and any more lawlessness.

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