Swahili Time

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Luangwa in pictures

David Rogers has been visiting and photographing this region since 1995

Zambia, month by month

The birds, the wild flowers, the bullfrogs and the rutting

Swahili time

A mutual love of football overrides cultural differences in Pingwe, Zanzibar

The Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)

In game reserves, midday is prime action time

You light up my life

If you know what your flashlight takes like, then you need a headlamp

On foot in Kruger

Walking the Olifants River Back Pack Trail offered by SANParks

Meet Sophie Walbeoffe

Painting elephants, ostriches and, of course, camels

Partner Profile

African Bush Camps CEO Beks Ndlovu developed his love for remote areas at a young age, accompanying his mother, a nurse, to rural outposts in Zimbabwe.

Multilingual Ian Batchelor

We talked to the co-founder of Upmarket Safaris about growing up in Zimbabwe, his favourite safari activity and what it’s like to have your wife as your business partner…

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