The 5th World Tourism Forum in Lucerne welcomes Alain St. Ange


(Posted 02nd May 2017)

With the dirty tricks campaign against UNWTO Secretary General candidate Alain St. Ange exposed as just that, a mudslinging affair by one particular candidate’s campaign offices, is the Seychellois candidate travelling to the Swiss city of Lucerne to participate in the upcoming 5th World Tourism Forum discussions.

Around 500 participants from 70 countries will walk the talk and work on new business models, share inspiring personal stories and build valuable friendships and create networks among themselves. Alain St.Ange will on invitation by the organizers be part of the Think Tank Session on Tourism. Like at previous years he was personally invited by Mr. Martin Barth, the President and CEO of the World Tourism Forum.

The World Tourism Forum is the last major Tourism Event before the 12th of May elections which determine who will be the next Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). From Lucerne Alain St.Ange said to to this correspondent that he will be flying back to Seychelles before heading to Madrid for the elections next week.

The Lucerne event is seen as the gathering of key tourism personalities which remains important networking opportunities. ‘In uncertain times a strong sense of community and good personal relationships can be especially important for success‘ the World Tourism Forum Organisers says.

CEOs, Ministers, Investors and Professors join together at the World Tourism Forum to meet the next Generation and build on such strong relations.

It is expected that candidates for the top job at UNWTO will be questioned by media about their stand vis a vis discrimination issues raised by St. Ange over the past weeks and pin down those who cannot look them into the eye and declare a stand which may be contrary to their own governments’ positions back home.