Murchison Falls ferry at Paraa to be out of service for 12 days


(Posted 03rd May 2017)

While the Uganda Wildlife Authority did not make this crucial information available directly was it nevertheless learned that the organization will ground the ferry crossing the River Nile at Paraa for a period of at least 12 days in May for maintenance work.
It is understood from a letter seen, copied below, that besides the ferry engines will also the ramps, pontoons and other elements undergo major maintenance and where needed repairs to last for at least another year.
While UWA does not say how cars and passengers will be able to cross, a serious omission for that matter, have they expressed their apologies for inconveniences caused.
Best bet, after talking to tour operators, will be to use the main road from Kampala towards Gulu, take the turn towards the town of Pakwach and enter the key game drive areas on the Northern side of the park through the Tangi Gate. Accommodation outside the park can be found nearby at Bwana Tembo Safari Camp while inside this part of the park are Pakuba and Paraa lodges available for overnight stays
Visitors staying on the Southern side of the river like Nile Safari Lodge or the Red Chilli Rest Camp, can leave their cars at the ferry parking and try to charter a boat to get across the Nile where they can, subject to availability, hire 4×4’s from Paraa Safari Lodge before returning the same way later in the day.
That way at least are productive game drives assured as sightings of game on the heavily overgrown Southern side of the park are rather more difficult.
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