New Males in Samburu, Jeneria on National Geographic, Drought in Samburu, Munteli Drives

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Promoting Human-Lion Coexistence in Northern Kenya

3rd May 2017

Four New Male Lions in Samburu

We are excited to report that four new males (who have manes!) have arrived in Samburu. This is the first time since 2008 that we have had new lions here. Since the males arrived, they have been mating with the pride females. We are excited about this recent event as it means the lion population will not only grow, but the new blood is a welcome boost to Samburu’s lions.

We are yet to confirm where the males have come from, so stay tuned!

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92dd6026-2ed7-4379-9d6b-946ee9dd50e2.jpgJeneria and team featured on National Geographic

"Any time I lose a lion, its like losing a member of my family," says Jeneria Lekilelei. We are so proud of this amazing warrior and his team who are featured in this post from National Geographic.

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eae6dc11-4920-4613-9896-372ef5cf6753.jpgDrought in Samburu

The Ewaso Nyiro River dried up in early January causing immense challenges for the wildlife, the local people and their livestock in the region. Wildlife and livestock congregated at small waterholes, and human-lion conflict increased during this time. Since then we have received some rain but it has been limited. These are difficult times in the region.

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22aa3b5b-967a-4afb-886e-84fcf72aa9c1.png2016 Annual Report Available

We are very excited to present our Ewaso Lions Annual Report 2016. Highlights in 2016 include the birth of cubs, expanding Mama Simba, working with herders in our Lion Kids Camps, tracking lions in community areas, and more.
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8f89a094-d3b4-4b48-997f-b7220b813b10.jpegChalisa, a young male lion, moves to Lewa

We are thrilled to report that a young male lion who we last saw in Buffalo Springs National Reserve in November 2013, has been sighted in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. The Lewa lion research team led by Mary Mwololo alerted us that a new male had appeared in Lewa in January and sent us photos. We looked through our lion database and through whisker spot identification, we confirmed that the male in Lewa was indeed Chalisa – the Buffalo Springs male.

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997c9080-bde3-42be-821f-2ba5c12da595.jpgMama Simba Coordinator, Munteli, learns how to drive

Late last year, Munteli, our Mama Simba Coordinator, approached us asking whether she could learn how to drive. She told us driving would enable her to reach more Samburu women and teach them about lions and conservation. We are excited to announce that for the past few months Munteli has been learning how to drive! Her lessons are far from conventional – she prefers to drive shoeless and once even attempted to herd donkey’s whilst driving – but she is proving to be a natural behind the wheel. We can’t wait for the day she is out driving round Samburu tracking lions and educating and engaging more Samburu women in conservation. The whole community is so proud of Munteli and the first time she drove into her village, everyone came rushing out of their houses to cheer and celebrate this special moment with her. It is very rare for Samburu women from a village to drive and we are so proud of this remarkable lady.
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f2c386b5-de1b-43f9-9ac5-7b1c97b63c6b.jpgFeatured Photo

During the dry season, carnivore sightings have been superb. We have seen leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, spotted and striped hyaenas. This was a beautiful leopard we saw near our camp in February.
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