News from ‘Further Down South’ by Gill Staden

More exciting news from Zambia, Zimbabwe and beyond …
Courtesy of Gill Staden’s ‘The Livingstone bi-Weekly


Josh Ward dies

Livingstone Bus Station

Motorcade Accident

Tax Amnesty

Zambia Carnivore Programme in Liuwa

Bangweulu Wetlands

New working dogs for South Luangwa

Crayfish Information required

Peter de Vere Moss dies

Leopard at Mukambi

Beating the Plastic Bag

Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park

Vic Falls Wildlife Trust

More on Batoka Dam

Collaring Elephants in Central Kalahari

BDF assisting conservation in Botswana

Mountain zebra project in Namibia

Two Rangers killed in Garamba NP, DRC

Kuki Gallman shot in Kenya

Tuna fish heading for commercial extinction

Tree T-Pee

Olympic Stadium may be using illegal timber

Some videos:

Game Rangers International

The three orphans having a thorough frolic in the mud

African Parks

Back in the 1970’s, more than 50 black rhinos thrived in Akagera National Park, but their numbers declined due to wide-scale poaching. The last rhino was seen in Rwanda in 2007.
Until today.

Red-crested Khoraan

Drones keep elephants away from people in Tanzania

PBS Newshour