Where to Chris Modigell …


(Posted 04th May 2017)

(Chris Modigell seen here at his last assignment, promoting BlueBay Resorts at the World Travel Market in Cape Town two weeks ago)

Chris Modigell, best remembered in Kenya for his successful management of the Safari Beach Hotel, the Africana Sea Lodge and Jadini Beach Hotel – all gone into total decay not long after he left – before moving to the Leopard Beach Resort & Spa and turning this property from mediocre status into a multiple award winning top beach hotel, has after two years on the Spice Island of Zanzibar (Unguja) decided to call it a day and return to Kenya.
In an email did Chris once again outline his accomplishments for BlueBay Resorts which after a visit to the resort last year by this correspondent were clearly visible already then with Chris Modigell Vintage written all over the resort’s areas of operations from rooms to restaurants and gardens.
BlueBay’s loss will no doubt become someone else’ gain as Chris is open to suggestions to take on new challenges.
Chris’ personal email contact is available on request via this blog platform but in the meantime it is a great many thanks for the superb hospitality enjoyed while visiting him last year and a job not just well done but done to standards which are hard to find these days.
Bon Voyage my friend and until we meet again!


  1. Arranged at least five National Sales Conferences at
    Jadini Beach and Leopard Beach Hotels. Great conference venue’s and run by great people, professionally led by Chris Modigell.
    Chris convinced our company to use his hotels and was always in the background, taking care of the operational details when we eventually arrived in Mombasa.
    Never a hitch and never a complaint. Wonderful venue’s run by a top hotelier in Mr Chris Modigel.
    Thanks for the great memories Chris.

    Paul Stewart
    Former Senior Vice President and Head
    Emerging Markets,
    Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH