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Driven to attraction

In part two of Phil Clisby’s self-drive trip around Namibia, he and his family travel to the NamibRand, Fish River Canyon and the Quiver Tree Forest, with a bit of horseplay in-between

We were on the road again, this time towards the NamibRand Nature Reserve. As we leave the highway, en route to Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, we encounter numerous springbok, oryx and zebra. The springbok run and leap in front of our car, accompanying us as we make our way along the 20km track that leads to the lodge reception – a personal antelope escort service.

The lodge overlooks the plains, and the mountains beyond. A view to die for. Oryx graze or drink from a waterhole, just yards from our open-sided safari tent.

Isoqel (pronounced ‘Easy Kill’, or so it seemed to my London ears) greets us warmly and introduces us to our guide, Simon, who takes us for a sundowner drive.

As we pass by a herd of zebra, a stallion starts to get rather intimate with a mare, or rather he’s “socialising”, as Simon politely refers to it, with a shy grin on his face.

We stop for drinks and snacks on top of a small dune overlooking the valley. The scenery is unreal, the sunset out of this world. Is there anywhere better than this? I wonder.

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Crossing the continent

Adventurer and former Turks & Caicos athlete Mario Rigby is part way through a land and water expedition from Cape Town to Cairo. Olivia Rook caught up with him to discover more about his ‘light’ interrogation and why cows have been his biggest wildlife threat

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