EcoTraining now extends to Kenya to cover the Eastern African region


(Posted 06th May 2017)

EcoTraining launches new professional Safari Guide and Nature Training operation in the Masai Mara, Kenya

EcoTraining, Africa’s largest and oldest guide training company is proud to announce the launch of their professional Safari Guide and Nature Training operation in the Masai Mara in Kenya. Nestled on the banks of the Mara river, the Mara Training Centre is their new base to welcome local and international participants from across East Africa and abroad for a variety of programs. These will include safari guide, wildlife, research, conservation, community and land management programs. The courses provide skills that address the issues of co-habitation and conflict between the community herdsmen, crops, cattle and wildlife. This centre will also enable EcoTraining to extend its reach further into the training of guides in East Africa’s safari lodges. The very first community safari guide training programme is already complete and will be followed by relevant nature courses across similar disciplines.

Watch our video capturing the new venture created by Sam Davies, our in-house videographer, featuring Anton Lategan owner of EcoTraining.

The Mara Training Centre is equipped with three comfortable twin bandas and three bunk bed bandas presenting a new style of EcoTraining accommodation

Training of the Masai

To date, seven Masai from the Enonkishu and neighbouring conservancies were invited by EcoTraining to enrol in the 14-day Safari Guide introductory training at the Mara Training Centre, which ended on the 1st May. The course should afford the Masai participants opportunities to be employed as trainee guides at local lodges within the Enonkishu concession. The purpose of the training is to address the need for skills development for the conservation of the Mara’s natural areas, management of the co-habitation and conflict between Mara pastoralists, crops, cattle and wildlife of East Africa.

The journey of Moses Nampaso unlocking the natural world

Moses Nampaso comes from generations of traditional cattle herders and after completing his training in East Africa, presently holds a Silver Safari Guide certificate in guiding. Moses is currently undergoing further training in South Africa with EcoTraining and will be returning to Kenya to train future guides. He will also accompany EcoTraining to Indaba this year from 16 – 18 May at the ICC Conference Centre where he will be sharing his story.

Become a Guide or a Guardian, the choice is yours

EcoTraining offers a range of professional courses for those who want to become professional guides. EcoTraining also caters for guardians who want to become more environmentally conscious and contribute to conservation in their own lives. Guides and guardians who wish to enrol in one of the courses conducted at the Mara Training Centre in Kenya will learn about the communities, wildlife and conservation of the Mara. Not to mention witnessing the great world-famous migration that overlaps with the course dates in August.

Course Dates:

Safari Ranger Program : 19 July – 01 August 2017 (14 days)

EcoQuest : 02 – 08 August 2017 (7 days)

EcoQuest : 09 – 13 August 2017 (5 days)

28 Day Safari guide : 01 – 28 October 2017 (28 Days, Kenya Bronze)

What topics are covered in these courses?

  • · an introduction to ecology
  • · animal tracks and tracking
  • · birding and plant identification
  • · animal behaviour
  • · astronomy
  • · wildlife cohabitating with communities and their cattle and crops
  • · conflict between these pastoralists and the wildlife competing for space and food
  • · the community schools and sports field in the wildlife conservancies
  • · the rhino sanctuary

Should you want to join EcoTraining for this spectacular experience, contact Corne Schalkwyk, the EcoTraining Relationship Manager on relationshipmanager

All photos credited to the Mara Training Centre