News update about the Tour D’ EAC


(Posted 06th May 2017)

One of the main promoters of this unity inspired cycling tour across all of Eastern Africa has last night shared additional information to be made public.
Said Mr. John Balongo of the CampFireLogsGuild:

You are invited to take part in the East African Bicycle Tour 2017 aimed at raising awareness about the East African Community integration agenda.
You can participate in many ways, by riding 1 or 2km in the name of Tour D EAC, by telling [your] friends about the tour and East African community, by sharing what you know about the benefits of the East African community integration agenda, by supporting or donating to the tour.
Please share all activities you do in the name of Tour d EAC with us for publication of our social media platforms‘.

The various stages and section of the Tour D’ EAC 2017 are again shown above to give individuals, groups or organizations keen to take up the challenge the opportunity to select a stretch of the tour where they can cycle along on the route from the town or city they are based at.