Coming up: 105th Session of the UNWTO Executive Council

In accordance with decision CE/DEC/17(CIII) adopted by the UNWTO Executive Council at its 103rd session held in Málaga, Spain, the Council will hold its 105th session from 10th to 12th of May 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

Your attention is kindly drawn to the fact that the Round Table on “Sustainable Urban Tourism” and the meeting of the High Level Task Force on Tourism and Security will also be held in Madrid, prior to the opening of the Council session, on Wednesday, 10 May. The Provisional agenda and the Terms of Reference for the High Level Task Force on Tourism and Security are now available online.

The meeting of the Working Group on the Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics will also be held in Madrid on 12 and 13 May at the headquarters of the Organization. Participation is open to UNWTO Full and Associate Members.

application/pdf iconList of documents (CE/105/list doc.)

application/pdf iconInformation Note, Revision 1 (CE/105/Note Inf. rev.1)

application/pdf iconProvisional Programme, Revision 1 (CE/105/1 prog. rev.1)

application/pdf icon1. Provisional agenda (CE/105/1 prov)

application/pdf icon1. Annotated provisional agenda (CE/105/1 prov.annot.)

application/pdf icon2. Communication of the Chair (CE/105/2)

application/pdf icon3(a) International tourism in 2016 and 2017 (CE/105/3(a))

application/pdf icon3(b) Mainstreaming tourism in the global agenda (CE/105/3(b))

application/pdf icon3(c) Priorities and Management vision (CE/105/3(c))

application/pdf icon3(d) Report on the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017… (CE/105/3(d))

application/pdf icon5(a) Implementation of the General Programme of Work for 2016-2017 (CE/105/5(a))

application/pdf icon5(b) Draft Programme of Work and Budget of the Organization for 2018-2019 (CE/105/5(b))

application/pdf icon7(a) Financial report of the Organization for 2017 (CE/105/7(a))

application/pdf icon7(b) UNWTO financial report and audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2016 (CE/105/7(b))

application/pdf icon7(c) Application of Article 34 of the Statutes and paragraph 13 of the Financing Rules (CE/105/7(c))

application/pdf icon7(d) Report of the Working Group on the Review of the Amendment Procedure of the Statutes (CE/105/7(d))

application/pdf icon7(e) Human resources report (CE/105/7(e))

application/pdf icon7(f) Report of the Staff Association (CE/105/7(f))

application/pdf icon8(a) Report of the Chair of the Affiliate Members (CE/105/8(a))

application/pdf icon8(b) Guidelines for States on criteria for endorsement of candidates to affiliate membership (CE/105/8(b))

application/pdf icon10. Recommendation by the Executive Council to the GA of a nominee for the post of SG…, Revision 1 (CE/105/10 rev.1)

application/pdf icon11. Preparations for the twenty-second session of the General Assembly (CE/105/11)

application/pdf icon12. Place and dates of the 106th and 107th sessions of the Executive Council (CE/105/12)