South African tourism private sector defies ‘official government line’ ahead of UNWTO elections


(Posted 09th May 2017)

South Africa’s tourism private sector is now increasingly seen at odds with their own tourism minister’s stand on the upcoming UNWTO elections, as they keep defying her with statements of support for Seychelles’ Alain St. Ange.
Last week Marlan Padayachee, a well know South African tourism media personality from KwaZulu Natal did not shy away from saying that Alain St.Ange is her candidate for Secretary General of the UNWTO and today it is Kader Miller, from the Midea Group of Companies of Cape Town who has come forward to encourage Africa with the Seychelles bid to head the UN Tourism Office.

We have worked closely with Alain St.Ange as the Seychelles Tourism Minister. I can then attest to his strength of character and professionalism. He is a leader with excellent communication skills and I have no south that he is the perfect candidate for the job. Mr St.Ange is very often invited to speak and lecture at important tourism events in Africa and around the world. He has assisted and given advice and guidance to tourism boards and organisations in Africa. He is so outstanding and very active individual who has been involved in a frontline role in tourism at a global level and I confirm further that he is a man of great integrity. I strongly recommend him‘ Kader Miller of Midea of Cape Town says.

The tourism trade, the frontline of tourism have been so supportive did St. Ange acknowledge when he said: ‘They are not playing politics, but see the need for the UNWTO to be this tourism body it deserves to be. I say thank you to all the trade for their unconditional support‘ in response to the South African letter of endorsement.
Many South Africans have businesses in Seychelles and enjoying the stability of these island’s tourism industry.

The UNWTO Executive Committee will commence its 105th meeting in Madrid tomorrow, 10th of May and conclude the proceedings on the 12th of May with the election of a new Secretary General, making its recommendation for endorsement to the next General Assembly to be held later in the year.
Meanwhile are more allegations emerging against the candidates from Georgia and South Korea which in ordinary circumstances should lead to them stepping aside but as previously stated have dirty politics taken over the electoral process for world tourism’s most important public sector position.