Gorilla Highlands Silverchef competition on course for the weekend


(Posted 10th May 2017)

The Birdsnest at Bunyonyi Resort (http://www.birdnestatbunyonyi.com/) will this year provide the venue for the annual culinary competition staged by the Gorilla Highlands and some 15 chefs have signed up to the event to test their skills against each other.
Launched three years ago by Gorilla Highland’s Miha Logar has the competition accomplished one major objective, to improve culinary skills among young chefs based in the South West of Uganda and across the border in Rwanda after participating in the event.
In past competitions did chefs have to make a meal out of rabbits and other meats but for 2017 will only crayfish and fish fillet be available for them to create culinary delights fit to sway the jury’s tastebuds and hand the winner the coveted Silver Hat.

(Judges rating the creativity and presentation of the competition participants)

In a last communication to the participating chefs were they told the final list of ingredients available on site and those they can bring on their own:

Start quote:


Using only these ingredients, purchased by the organisers, you will be expected to make one two-course meal for five people, cooking with gas and/or charcoal or on a BBQ grill. An electric oven and a microwave will also be available. You will prepare one starter and one main dish; one of these courses has to be vegetarian (your choice which one). There is no meat option this year, only fish. Please come with your hotel/lodge uniform and with your knives; any other personal equipment is not required but will be allowed.

Fish: crayfish, fish fillet

Vegetables: French beans, fresh peas, onions, garlic (fresh and powdered), tomatoes, carrots, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, green peppers, avocadoes, cauliflower, pumpkins, matoke, eggplants, spinach, lettuce, sweet corn

Fruits: pineapples, apples, passion fruits, yellow bananas, mangoes, lemons

Spices/herbs: salt, black pepper, white pepper, chilli, fresh basil, turmeric, curry powder, coconut powder, tarragon, lemon grass, coriander, spring onions, rosemary, parsley, celery, bay leaves, dill, white wine, red wine

Basics: wheat flour, maize flour, sugar, eggs, milk, cooking oil, g-nuts, olive oil, rice, Blue Band, unsalted butter, bread buns, bread crumbs, honey, white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, fresh cream, dark soy sauce, peanut butter, mozzarella cheese, oyster sauce, English mustard, soda carbonate

End quote

(One of the creations in last year’s competition)

Uganda’s rich organic produce from the South West of the country will form the foundation for the meals comprising of starter and main course and whatever the participating chefs will produce in the Birdsnest kitchen will no doubt find their way on to the regular menus in the hotels, resorts and lodges where they work.
Notably is Ruth Kamuteera, who hails from the region but works at the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa, participating in her own capacity, as the geographical boundaries would not permit the hotel to formally sponsor her. She will no doubt be keen to measure herself up against the chef nominated from the Marriott Hotel in Kigali and others participating in the 2017 event.

As in previous years is the Uganda Tourism Board one of the event’s main sponsors and supporters, in line with promoting culinary excellence and the Gorilla Highlands as one of the country’s major tourism regions. Leading from front will once again be Sylvia Kalembe who has also been a judge in past competitions and who has become a key link between organizers and UTB to successfully stage the event.