Now East Africa’s tourism apex body too speaks out against the gorilla permit fee hike in Rwanda


(Posted 13th May 2017)

#DownWithUmeme is a very popular hashtag by this correspondent over the frequent power outages caused by Uganda’s electricity company. Now however have readers opposed to the doubling of permit fees for gorilla tracking – to a good part incensed over the intransigent and almost arrogant reaction by those responsible – taken to create their own in correspondence and feedback sent, reading #DownWithThePermitFeeHike.
The East Africa Tourism Platform, the regional private sector apex body, has now also spoken out, as has previously AUTO, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators and RTTA, the Rwanda Tour and Travel Association and published their own response over the rise of tracking fees from previously 750 to now 1.500 US Dollars. In a publication aptly called ‘Let’s not kill the goose that lays the golden egg’ are words of caution given, which however, going by responses on Twitter and other social media, have fallen on ears gone absolutely deaf:

It can only be hoped that sooner or later, before major damage is done, common sense prevails and consultations, earnest consultations for that matter, resume to resolve the fallout caused by this hugely controversial decision.
Watch this space!

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