Ol Pejeta’s 2016 Annual Report

Ol Pejeta Conservancy presents annual report

Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Annual Report
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Ol Pejeta Presents its 2016 Annual Report
Dear ATC Readers,

Ol Pejeta is proud to present to you the first ever Ol Pejeta Annual Report, which sets out their impacts and achievements in 2016.

Last year did not come without its challenges, but despite these, Ol Pejeta continued to achieve and exceed our conservation and community development goals. Ol Pejeta remains host to the single most significant black rhino population in East Africa, and they continue to support the communities living around them, spending over US$650,000 in 2016 on various development projects.

The team at Ol Pejeta believes they have created a model for conservation that not only secures populations of highly endangered species, but is also productive and therefore politically relevant. Ol Pejeta now leads Laikipia in terms of its annual contribution to the local and national economy.

Other highlights include:

  • 16% of Kenya’s black rhino population
  • Winner of Africa Responsible Tourism Award 2016 – Best for Wildlife Conservation
  • Healthcare access to 20,000 people

Download the annual report here.

Meanwhile has Ol Pejeta maximized their new branding to create a slick design with easy-to-digest infographics – so you can pull out the information most interesting and relevant to you.

The team at Ol Pejeta is appreciative and grateful for the support they receive from donors, partners and visitors from all over the world, and they look forward to a collaborative and productive 2017 with you all.

The Ol Pejeta Team

Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Ol Pejeta is a non-profit wildlife conservancy in Kenya supporting endangered species, tourism and community outreach.


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