Yohannes Tilahun appointed to replace Solomon Tadesse at ETO


(Posted 17th May 2017)

The Ethiopian Prime Minister has now appointed Mr. Yohannes Tilahun, former CEO of GE Ethiopia to replace Solomon Tadesse who was relieved of his duties a few weeks ago after serving as CEO since ETO was formed in 2014.
Tilahun served as the Ethiopian government’s Chief Technology Officer for about a year since he left GE Ethiopia in 2016. He previously served as Senior Director for Strategy at the Ethiopian Investment Commission.
While no reasons could be obtained for Solomon Tadesse’s dismissal was speculation rife that the decline in tourism arrivals, among several other factors, may have been the final straw which led to his ouster.
While Ethiopian Airlines seems to be immune to political developments in Ethiopia vis a vis passenger numbers carried and transiting in Addis Ababa has tourism into the country taken a turn for the worse over the political situation in the country, which prompted both travel advisories as well as foreign tour operators to taking a cautious stand in selling packages to the country.
Ethiopia is often described as a sleeping giant in tourism terms. A country rich in culture and history but also offering scenic landscapes and national parks, white water rafting and other adventure activities, has Ethiopia never been able to fully tap into its tourism potential as a result of limiting factors, many again rooted in politics.

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