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(Posted 18th May 2017)

Issue: 13
Kenya is Water Wealthy!
so why the shortage?
The Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) is continuing to lead efforts that will prove to the world that if stakeholders come together for the common use and management of water resources we will have enough water for all of us.
“Mt. Kenya is a crucial water tower that supplies water to the over 9 million residents surrounding Mt Kenya and a large part of Northern Kenya. Nothing significant can happen unless people start talking to each other in order to come up with sustainable solutions for water resource sharing, use and management,” said Stanley Kirimi, MKEWP’s Coordinator.

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Getting Smart About Water
Laikipia Wildlife Forum has partnered with the Smart Water for Agriculture Program of SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation) to facilitate the establishment of an Irrigation Acceleration Platform (IAP) in Laikipia County. The efforts are supported by the County Department of Agriculture and the Laikipia County Development Authority.
Local farmers learn more about Smart Technologies during the launch of the Smart Water Project in Laikipia on 12th May 2017
SNV’s Smart Water for Agriculture Program aims to contribute to better water management for small-holder agriculture and increased income and food security.
County government representatives for Laikipia pledge their support for the new programme during the launch
The target is to increase water productivity by 20% for 20,000 SME farmers in 5 counties in Kenya (Laikipia, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, Marchakos, and Meru) towardsecured water access for production and resilience to climate change. This means assistance to 4000 small and medium scale farmers in Laikipia.

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We Are Wild About Wild Dogs, says Dedan Ngatia
(researcher with the Mpala Research Centre)
Ask most Kenyans if they have seen a Wild Dog roaming free in it’s natural habitat and the answer would most likely be a sound no! An increasing population and destruction of ecosystems has seen a sharp decline of one of Kenya’s most Endangered species.
Wild dogs at Mpala Research Centre
Listed on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, populations of the African Wild Dog are currently estimated at approximately 6,600 adults, of which only 1,400 are mature individuals. Wild dogs were historically distributed across most of sub-Saharan Africa, but now inhabit only 7% of their former range as a result of habitat fragmentation, conflict with human activities, and infectious disease.

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Drought Relief Update From LWF
In efforts just before the rains, NDMA and LWF again joined together to help with the distribution of 1500 bags of drought pellets for needy community breeding stock.
NDMA and LWF offload feed for breeding herds at Borana Conservancy
Six hundred 50 kg bags of feed were distributed through the ranching/conservancy community. Borana and Ol Jogi were again at the forefront of this effort. Ol Pejeta Conservancy continued with its own drought assistance programme to neighbouring communities, and continued to offering grazing access to the Conservancy.

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Did you know that Kenya is Water Wealthy?

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In Case You Missed It !
We continue to appeal to the farmers in the upper and middle region of the Ewaso Ngiro Basin to work closely with their WRUAs.
WRMA, WRUAs and MKEWP have set up
a hotline number +254 740214545
Kindly call this number to report illegal water activities for action.
Talkenomics: Water resources management & economics in Mt. Kenya- EWASO
Watch Stanley Kirimi, MKEWP’s Coordinator who appeared on KTN and K24 as he talks about the work MKEWP is carrying out; the importance of Catchment Areas, Conservation and Management as well as Membership into MKEWP

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