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Newsletter May 2017
Brač - Croatia
New summer destinations via TUI fly
Araxos - Greece
Ready for the summer? For TUI fly that’s definitely a yes! With 2 new destinations to Greece: Volos and Araxos, and 2 to the Balkans: Tivat in Montenegro and Brač in Croatia, TUI fly is more than ready to give you an unforgettable summer!
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Early flight? Enjoy a hearty breakfast!
A hearty breakfast
Are you one of those early birds that can be found wandering the airport before sun up? Brussels Airport offers a wide selection of excellent breakfast and coffee spots that are open from 3.30 am, like Blend in Brussels! Want something before 3:30 am? Starbucks is at your service 24/7.
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Enjoy a nice meal in Pier B
Planning a trip soon outside the Schengen zone? After passport control you’ll find a number of brand-new shops. One of these is the Relay kiosk, open from 5 am to 9 pm and located next to Victoria’s Secret and opposite the also newly opened Bistrot. The Bistrot concept is reminiscent of a typical undercover city market.

As is its menu! With something for everyone ranging from original rolls and sandwiches and pizza baked in a wood-fired oven to healthy salads and mouthwatering hamburgers. All with a genuine Belgian twist, courtesy of the focus on local ingredients! Bistro is open daily from 4 am to 8.30 pm. See you there!

Brand-new shops
New Travel Authorisation kiosks
Travel Authorization kiosk
Passengers heading for the United States, Canada or Australia are required to apply for travel authorisation. If you forgot to lodge, there are 2 brand-new kiosks at the departure hall, opposite check-in row 5, for you to send in a last-minute request. Just bear in mind that there is a chance your application will not be approved.
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