Hello Belgium Here We Come


(Posted 19th May 2017)

Brussels Airlines press room Logo

Hardly 4 weeks after its launch has Brussels Airlines already sold more than 600 weekend passes. The most popular points of departure are currently Moscow, Madrid, Bilbao, Vienna and Barcelona. Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent are at the top of the Hi Belgium Pass travelers’ list but Malines, Louvain and Liege can also expect a high number of Hi Belgium Pass visitors. 95% of the Hi Belgium Pass tourists visit Belgium alone or with a partner. The Hi Belgium travelers stay approximately 3.6 days in Belgium, which is longer than the average stay.

Brussels Airlines’ ‘Hi Belgium Pass‘ is valid for travel from 50 European airports in 18 different countries. The departure for Brussels must be on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The return journey is possible on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. For only 149 euros, travelers are offered a Brussels Airlines Check&Go return ticket, unlimited train rides in the whole of Belgium during the entire stay and access to different attractions and museums in 2 Belgian cities of choice.

The ‘Hi Belgium Pass‘ is a successful collaboration between the most influential tourism players in Belgium. The pass came into being with the support of Brussels Airlines, the Belgian Railways, Brussels Airport, Toerisme Vlaanderen, visit.brussels, Wallonie Belgique tourism, Visit Bruges, Visit Ghent, Visit Louvain, Visit Malines, Visit Antwerp and the tourist federation of Liege. The tourism offices contribute to the Hi Belgium Pass and organize targeted actions abroad via social media, direct mail, videos and online marketing, reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers in Europe.

(The first ‘Hi Belgium Pass‘ passengers arrived yesterday at Brussels Airport to explore Belgium)

In the following weeks, Brussels Airlines will continue to further develop the ‘Hi Belgium Pass‘ by offering more cities in Flanders and Wallonia and by integrating the option for Belgian companies to include their products in the pass. That way, the ‘Hi Belgium Pass‘ will become THE ambassador product for Belgium.

Further to publishing the package have dozens of readers requested details and information if such packages, without necessarily airtickets, could be made available for travelers from the airline’s East Africa destinations Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi while such requests came also from Brussels Airlines West Africa destinations and from North America.
Gulf carriers promote stayovers in their hub cities with great success and it is hoped that availing these packages, ground arrangements only, for travelers on Brussels Airlines from beyond Europe to allow them sample Belgian history, culture, hospitality and cuisine.