Diani Rules return for June 01st to 04th event


(Posted 25th May 2017)

One of Kenya’s best known beach sports competitions, Diani Rules returns for action next week over the long Madaraka Day weekend.
A fun event for all ages held every year in Diani for the past 26 years aims to help raise money for their charity of choice, the Kwale Eye Centre,

Diani Rules in Aid of Kwale District Eye Centre

For the past twenty six years this fun charity sports event on Diani Beach has raised money to battle blindness. The sports involve football with a rugby ball, volley ball, Frisbee, target and many others. There is always immense support from local hotels, national companies and businesses and people come from as far away as UK to join in.
The Diani Rules title is taken literally, as the rules of the games are made up by the judges.

Basically 16 teams of eight (at least 3 of whom MUST be girls) compete in team sports such as beach volleyball, tug of war, rugby, Frisbee etc. The games are changed so that everyone is brought up or down to one level e.g. football is played with a rugby ball on the beach.
Teams representing companies from both Kenya and abroad, from different business backgrounds, come to take part, help with the organization or simply to watch and be part of the fun.
Many other organizations, individuals, businessmen and hotels come together to give prizes for the teams and grand raffle.

Because of twenty six years of fundraising,thousands of poor Kenyan people and their families have literally been given the Gift of Sight. The most common cause of blindness in Kenya is a cataract, which however can be surgically removed so the patient can see again!

All the best to the competitors and on behalf of the Kwale District Eye Centre a great many thanks to all the sponsors and supporters of the event.