Seychelles Tourism appoints new Director for the UK and Ireland


(Posted 01st June 2017)

(STB’S New Director for UK and Ireland Ms. Christine Vel)

The Seychelles Tourism Board has appointed Ms. Christine Vel as the new Director responsible for the UK and Ireland markets.

Ms. Vel, a Senior Marketing Executive until now based in the Paris Office, will be assuming the new position on 1st July, 2017. She replaces Ms. Tinaz Wadia who has been at the helm of UK office for the past four years.

In making the announcement, the Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Mrs. Sherin Francis said she was sad to see the departure of Ms. Wadia, but is equally proud to see another Seychellois taking up the role. Said Mrs. Sherin: ‘Christine has risen through the ranks at the STB; from a marketing executive, senior and now director, and all this is due to her own hard work and dedication, as well as the opportunities and trust afforded to her through the STB structure. This serves as an example for other STB staff, those currently working and those maybe thinking of joining the industry, as it demonstrates the opportunities available to them‘.

Christine Vel who celebrated 10 years of service with the Seychelles Tourism Board on 28th May, 2017, moves to the UK tourist office with a wealth of experience.
She made her debut as a Marketing Executive responsible for various markets in 2007. Moving up in her career, she was attached to STB’s UK Office from March 2012 to November 2013, when she moved to the Paris office to look after the French and Benelux markets.

Ms. Vel has described her new appointment as a “challenge,” adding that her goal is to work alongside the STB team to increase visitor arrival numbers from the UK and Ireland market, with the support of both local and overseas trade partners.

According to figures available from the Seychelles National Bureau of Statistics, UK & Northern Ireland have sent 8,699 visitors to Seychelles from January up to 28th May, 2017.

The STB Chief Executive, Mrs. Sherin Francis, has also taken the opportunity to recognise work done by Ms. Wadia and her small Seychellois team to redress the UK market and help bring up arrival numbers from this traditional market. Mrs. Francis expressed her appreciation for Ms. Wadia’s commitment and dedication displayed during the four years that she has worked for the Seychelles tourism marketing body, and wished her the very best in her future endeavours.

Tinaz Wadia joined the Seychelles Tourism Board with 19 years’ worth of experience in the tourism industry, having worked in various Seychelles-based tourism related service, including hotels.