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Making tracks in Zambia

Mike Unwin’s exceptional tribute to the joy of the walking safari

Five reasons to dive the Manta Coast

Apart from the friendly people, long empty beaches, and many activities

My kind of therapy

What it’s like to go on a horse safari in Kenya’s Laikipia district

Trekking in the DRC

To see mountain gorillas and the active volcano Mount Nyiragongo

A tale from Nigeria

Working as a volunteer in Lagos, with floods, power outages and a strike

Partner Profile

If you’re interested in investing in conservation in Africa, Pete Anderson of Anderson Wildlife Properties may be the man to turn to…

Meet Brett Thomson

We talked to the co-founder and managing director of Sun Destinations about his life and how he set up his business in South Africa, and then added Botswana

Country cousins

On safari, the baboon is not an obvious candidate for anyone’s must-see list. He’s just too common, but there is more to him than meets the casual eye.

Taking the lag out of jetlag

We look at a couple of products to reduce jet lag, and highlight some of the tried and tested methods that will help you arrive at your destination feeling fresh.

Africa is extraordinary. Its people are some of the most peaceable, friendly and welcoming in the world. Its natural beauty and heritage breathtaking and abundant. They say you never visit Africa once; that it touches you in a way that is hard to explain. If you’ve enjoyed these articles, and they’ve been helpful to you, why not subscribe to Travel Africa magazine, and encourage your friends to subscribe as well, and together we’ll explore the world’s most exciting continent!

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