Wildlife researcher killed by rhino in Akagera National Park


(Posted 08th June 2017)

Only weeks into the relocation of Eastern Black Rhinos from South Africa to the Akagera National Park in Rwanda has disaster struck, when a wildlife researcher attached to the rhino monitoring team in the park was killed by one of the beasts.
The tragedy unfolded yesterday morning, Wednesday 07th June, when during a routine training and monitoring exercise a rhino attacked Mr. Krisztián Gyöngyi who died soon after inspite of prompt assistance by other park staff.
Krisztián was instrumental in supporting the reintroduction efforts of the black rhino into Akagera, and was on the ground training rangers how to track and protect them‘ read a statement signed by Africa Parks Chief Executive Mr. Peter Fearnhead. African Parks is joint venture partner with the Rwanda Development Board and manages the park on behalf of Rwanda.
Condolences are expressed to the late Krisztian’s family, friends and colleagues.

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