How to become a Safari Guide in a Week


Dear ATC Readers,

So many of us want more than a holiday when we go on safari, and the Okavango Guiding School delivers. We’re not surprised that our most popular blog post this month is ‘How to Become a Safari Guide in a Week‘.

Now, we know that the Good Safari Guide website has been out of touch, we can admit it.

Our aim is for the Good Safari Guide to be packed full of genuinely useful information, to keep you in touch with the Africa you love.

Over the last six months we have been listening to your views and updating the site.

You have shared your great ideas as to our ‘Find a Lodge‘ section. You will soon see up-to-date information on all the best lodges, camps and safari operations in Africa, with beautiful images and lively reviews.

So firstly, a big thank you for your continuing support, and secondly watch this space for the most comprehensive independent listing of the best safari lodges in Africa!

We do, however, respect "No Junk Mail" requests, so if you don’t know why you’re receiving this mail, or you’re not sure how the Good Safari Guide works or who is behind it, please do ping me an email (click here) and I’ll respond within 48hrs.

Safari njema,
Rose – Editor in Chief

Ps you won’t receive a newsletter for a couple of months, as we know July and August mean ‘down time’ for many of our subscribers. Our office and website will be active though, so please do drop by!

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