After strong April do May results look even better for Brussels Airlines


(Posted 13th June 2017)

Brussels Airlines grows strongly in May

During the month of May, Brussels Airlines recorded a passenger growth of 18.9%. The seat load factor increased by 3.4 % and the transported cargo volume rose significantly as well.

Last month, 839,320 passengers flew with Brussels Airlines. That is 133,572 or over 18.9% more than May 2016. During the month of May last year Brussels Airlines was still facing the aftermath of the attacks of 22 March, which had a negative impact on the passenger volume. Though this is not the only explanation for the strong growth that was registered this May. The success of Brussels Airlines’ commercial strategy contributed to the solid growth of passengers as well as did new routes and constant attention to details giving passengers more than enough reasons to both be loyal and switch from other carriers to the Belgian national airline.

Besides the European network, the flights to and from Africa performed well and the new route to Mumbai is having a successful start. As a result, the overall seat load factor increased by 3.4 % and amounted to 76.5%.

Like every year, Brussels Airlines launched several seasonal destinations in May, which are only operated during the spring- and summer months. For example do Ibiza, Jerez de la Frontera, Olbia, Rhodos, Figari en Calvi show up again in flight schedules.

May was also a strong month for the cargo activity. Brussels Airlines Cargo saw its load factor grow with 9.5%. The Cargo volume, expressed in Revenue Ton Kilometers, increased by 23.5%.

During the month of May, numerous charter flights were performed on behalf of tour operators. The passenger figures of these flights are not taken into account in the figures of this press release.


Month Month VLY difference in %
May17 May16
Flights 7,701 6,936 11.0%
Total Passengers 839,320 705,748 18.9%
— Passengers Europe 700,876 589,702 18.9%
— Passengers Africa 78,306 68,637 14.1%
— Passengers North America 33,049 31,076 6.3%
— Passengers Middle East 17,908 16,333 9.6%
— Passengers Asia 9,181 / /
Available seat-kilometers  (ASK) 1,812,135,939 1,573,189,387 15.2%
Revenue Passenger-Kilometers  (RPK) 1,386,237,524 1,149,626,412 20.6%
Passenger Load Factor (%) 76.5% 73.1% 3.4%pt
Available Ton-Kilometers (ATK)    216,130 186,148 16.1%
Revenue Ton-Kilometers  (RTK) 162,034 131,160 23.5%
Cargo Load Factor (%) 65.4% 55.9% 9.5%pt
 Figures based on preliminary figures currently available


In East Africa does Brussels Airlines serve Entebbe / Uganda five times a week while Kigali / Rwanda, once in conjunction with Bujumbura / Burundi, is served six times a week.
Brussels Airlines has over time become the favourite European carrier for Ugandans, Rwandans and Burundians, not the least for the strong business, trade and tourism ties with Belgium’s capital city.
Notably did the airline’s traffic to Africa grow by 14.1 percent, a sign that travel to and from the continent continues to increase.