Wakanow opens Nairobi office


(Posted 17th June 2017)

Wakanow, Nigeria’s and West Africa’s leading online booking agency, has after an expansion off the continent – the company opened offices in the UK and in the UAE with plans to establish a presence in the US too – now set its sights on expansion into East Africa.
An office has been established in Nairobi’s Westlands area, headed by none other than Ms. Fifi Rurangwa, who is the company’s Head of Africa Expansion and Airline Partnership. It is from here that a regional expansion into Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda is being advanced to take advantage of growing trends among in particular younger travelers to do business on line rather than bracing traffic and visiting agencies in person.

Wakanow has made waves last year with a series of African destination features, aimed to promote greater travel by Africans to key tourism destinations on the continent.
While a faster expansion of this market segment is still hampered by restrictive Visa regimes inflicted on fellow African citizens by African governments – foreign visitors from Europe and America and Asia often face much more relaxed Visa requirements – as this particular niche expanded rapidly. Visits to East Africa by West Africans have gained momentum and Kenya for instance is now the leading destination by Nigerians.

More details can be found about Wakanow via www.wakanow.com but also through their social media platforms outlined below:

B: www.blog.wakanow.com

F: www.facebook.com/wakanowdotcom/ T: www.twitter.com/Wakanowdotcom

IG: www.instagram.com/wakanowdotcom/ L: www.linkedin.com/company/wakanowdotcom

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