The humpback whales are back in Reunion


(Posted 20th June 2017)

From June to September, humpback whales from the Antarctic reach the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean for mating or breeding.

Reunion Island is one of the best places in the world to observe cetaceans, including humpback whales, which are classified as protected species. Each year, these giants of the seas come to live their romance off the coast of the intense island, between the months of June and September. On June 16th was the first humpback whale of the year observed by @Globice in western Canada off Saint-Gilles on the western coast of Reunion Island.

Between observation of nature and contemplation

First humpback whale of the season identified on June 16, 2017 - © Globice

Going to meet these marine mammals in their natural environment is always a unique and privileged moment. Some Reunionese professionals propose to experience this experience in a way that respects the environment and marine species, in order to perpetuate this annual meeting off the intense island. It is for this purpose that the authorities have set up a charter for the approach of whales now extended to turtles and dolphins as well as the Certified Observation Certified Responsible Cetaceans in Reunion Island (O²CR).

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