Tour D EAC’s participant numbers continue to grow


(Posted 20th June 2017)

As of yesterday did the organizers of the Tour D’ EAC confirm 43 participants in the regionwide cycling tour, including a camera team of 3 and a service crew of 4 available throughout the journey.
Notably did 15 riders sign up from Uganda, joined by cyclists from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan and Rwanda.

The organizers also once again provided information about the route the cyclists will take after being flagged off at Uganda’s Independence Monument on the 01st of August this year.
Sadly in this case will live reporting not be possible due to prior travel arrangements but updates will be posted once received from the organizers.

Said the organizers a short while ago in a communication received:

TOUR D EAC 2017 participants will be trained in:
1. Basic first aid skills by the Ministry of Health in Uganda,
2. Basic bicycle repair skills by the Uganda cycling federation,
3. Safety and Expedition management skills by Uganda Police and Campfire Logs guild,
4. Equipped with information on the East African Integration agenda by the Ministry of East African Community Affairs Uganda.
5. Information on East African tourism by Uganda Tourism Board. Also among the talks will be a talk on trade and the common market protocol by the East African Community affairs.

We invite the general public to join in the trainings and ride with the team and distance of your convenience.