ATC Readers, which cover do you prefer?

Help choose the next Travel Africa magazine cover

Which cover option do you prefer?

OK, so which cover do you prefer? In the forthcoming Summer issue of Travel Africa (going to print next week) we’ll give you everything you need to know about chimps, looking in particular at Uganda’s Budongo Forest. And, of course, many other interesting stories and stunning images too! So please let us know which of these covers you think will have greatest appeal and get people picking up the magazine from the newsstand, or clicking on it to read on a phone or tablet?

Tell us which cover you think we should run with:  Climbing chimp (top left)  Fruit-eating chimp (top right)  Hanging chimp (bottom left)  Portrait of a chimp (bottom right) 
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Africa’s iconic species

Guy Mavor looks at some of the best places to see Africa’s much-famed wildlife, from elephants in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve to southern right whales off South Africa’s coast.

Vulture culture

"We are friends," chorus the vultures in Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book. "Friends to the bitter end." Sadly, though, these birds find few friends elsewhere. As with hyenas, their association with death elicits fear and revulsion. This is a great shame, as few creatures are more fascination – or important.

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