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The Foundation is pleased to announce the following open courses:
Human Factors in Aviation
Kigali, Rwanda / 14-15 September More info /registration

US$ 250

Human performance is fundamental to operational safety in aviation as the majority of incidents and accidents are attributable to human error. This course introduces participants to the principles of human factors awareness, the factors that affect personal performance and how the human element interfaces with equipment, the working environment, the tools to be used and the organizational context.
Flight Data Monitoring
Nairobi, Kenya/ 18-19 September More info /registration

US$ 350

This unique in-region course will provide you with a solid appreciation of the technical,
operational, management and legal issues surrounding Flight Data Management (FDM). FDM helps pilots, managers and operators improve the
safety and efficiency of their flights by identifying hidden flaws and potential risks
in their daily operations. FDM is now also coming to the world of Cessna Caravans & Jetstreams. This course is held at Wilson Airport in co-operation with industry leader Flight Data Services and hosted by Safarilink.
Air Navigation Services Management
Kigali, Rwanda / 2-6 October More info /registration

US$ 500

The global Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry is undergoing a major transformation with the objective of seamless air navigation services and enhancement of performance. This course will help your organisation better deal with those transformations. The wide range of business, financial and legal topics covered will provide participants with a sound understanding of the challenges associated with Air Navigation Services management, as well as the tools needed to tackle them effectively.
Airport Wildlife Management
Kigali, Rwanda / 10-13 October More info /registration

US$ 500

This course teaches the knowledge, skills and tools needed to implement an effective airport wildlife management plan. Numerous African airports face airport wildlife management risks that need to be addressed.The management of wildlife on and near airports is not usually an easy task. It can be as diverse as habitat manipulation to use of predators to repelling wildlife to lethal control of wildlife. Understanding wildlife hazards will increase chances for the implementation of a stakeholder supported wildlife management plan.
Incident investigation course
Kigali, Rwanda / 21-24 November More info /registration

US$ 500

This intensive 4 day course will teach participants how to participate in an aircraft accident and serious incident investigation, in accordance with ICAO Annex 13 Standards. You will learn about the concepts, techniques and tools necessary for your organisation to conduct effective (internal) safety investigations. Special attention is given to understanding the underlying causes of incidents in order to improve safety and prevent future occurrences.
Aviation Leadership Development course
Kigali, Rwanda / 28 Nov -1 Dec More info /registration

US$ 500

Participants will gain a solid knowledge of leadership styles, motivating & effectively influencing of your employees, communication styles, team roles and team building, effective leadership communication and feedback strategies. This course will assist organisations in the retention and promotion of strong leaders. It will also assist them in identifying high potential candidates for leadership positions.

For a complete list of all our current training courses please see our course catalogue.

About AviAssist
The AviAssist Foundation is the only non-profit organisation dedicated to providing impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources for the African aviation industry.
We realise our incredible rates by deploying practising professional volunteers and support from the airlines for their transport as important pillars of our independent, non-profit status.
The course designs follow international standards as specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, leading regulators from across the world and leading industry associations.

When it comes to our courses, our impact is that we bring courses and events for which there are currently no commercially feasible alternatives in the countries or sub-regions where the events are held. You can read more about our ‘after course support’ for our learners in our course catalogue that you can access by clicking here.

For more information and for special rates for enrolling more than 3 participants, contact us as training

Please be mindful of the fact that all courses have a very limited number of places to ensure excellent facilitator-learner interaction.

The AviAssist Safety Promotion Center (ASPC)-Rwanda is growing into East Africa’s leading resource centre for safety promotion, with training courses just one of the services offered.

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