Peak season starts for Brussels Airlines


(Posted 27th June 2017)

Brussels Airlines ready for the start of busy summer period: 10,000 more passengers next weekend

Brussels Airlines is getting ready for a major travel boom during July and August. Next weekend, the first peak period of the European summer holidays, approximately 90,000 passengers will get on board of a Brussels Airlines flight. That is over 10,000 more compared to last year. There will be extra airport staff to provide all passengers a smooth experience and families with children will have a warm welcome by the Smurfs.

The ‘classic’ sunny destinations are on high demand and Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy are doing exceptionally well. Brussels Airlines anticipated to the growth of these countries with extra flight frequencies this summer including Faro, Lisbon, Porto, Alicante, Ibiza, Palma, Athens and Naples. The cities of Nice, Barcelona and Berlin are very popular as well. On long-haul destinations most passengers head towards New York and Toronto. The decision of the Canadian government to make all visits to the National Parks free of charge this year clearly attracts a lot of tourists towards Brussels Airlines’ Canadian destination.

During the two Tomorrowland weekends at the end of July, Brussels Airlines brings party people from all around the world to Tomorrowland for the sixth time now. This year, more than 10,000 passengers come to the festival with the airline. The festival vibe during the summer will be palpable at Brussels Airport as well.

Useful tips

Brussels Airlines adds extra staff at the airport to ensure that the departures run smoothly. The airline gives its guests some useful tips so they can start their vacation worry-free. To avoid long queues at the airport, passengers can check-in online 24 hours before their flight and freely choose a seat. The boarding pass can be brought to the airport digitally or printed. By reserving a parking space in advance, travelers gain a lot of time. Passengers who travel with children need to remember to bring their Kids ID. Finally, Brussels Airlines advises to put valuable items, keys and medication in the hand luggage. & the Smurfs

Brussels Airlines is extra attentive to families traveling with children during the holiday period. With, the airline offers several free services that make traveling with a family even more comfortable. This way families get a discount on their tickets, they can bring extra hand luggage, they have boarding priority and guaranteed seats together. During the summer, Brussels Airport provides a special family lane at the hand luggage screening.

During the first weekend of the summer holiday, members can expect a warm welcome by the Smurfs, one of the loyal partners of Brussels Airlines. The famous cartoon characters stop by at the Smurf-themed check-in counters at the airport Friday evening and Saturday morning. There will be a Smurf sketch artist as well. On board children receive a Smurfbox with games and coloring books. The graphic studio IMPS created some new Smurfs especially for Brussels Airlines. This way, children can color a Brussels Airlines captain Smurf or a cabin crew Smurfette!

The Belgian national airline flies five times a week between Brussels and Entebbe in Uganda while serving Kigali / Rwanda six times a week, once in conjunction with Bujumbura / Burundi.
Flights out of Eastern Africa to Brussels and beyond are expected to reach capacity loads over the next couple of weeks as expatriates are taking the annual summer vacation while adventure seekers from across Brussels Airlines global network are in turn flying to Entebbe and Kigali for a safari holiday.
Travelers connecting in Brussels to other European or intercontinental destinations will have short transit ways to their next gates while premium passengers can enjoy a visit to ‘The Loft‘, Brussels Airlines main business class lounge.