Verde Zanzibar to become East Africa’s greenest hotel


(Posted 29th June 2017)

Verde Zanzibar main entrance

Samantha Annandale, the CEO of Africa’s greenest hotel, has confirmed that their resort project on the Spice Island of Zanzibar, is expected to open before the end of the year.
Recently speaking at the STTA’s 3rd Green Tourism Summit in Nairobi did Samantha explain the upsides of having gone green with the Verde Hotel in Cape Town and what developers can expect in terms of savings after investing less than 10 percent more in terms of technology and construction compared to regular building methods.
The Zanzibar resort will be the first proper branch out of the South African hotel management group though it is understood that as as many as two additional projects could be maturing soon, expanding Verde’s green concept to the rest of the African continent.
Properly applied green technologies reduce the amount of potable water used, cuts down on the use of mains electricity by introducing solar power and solar water heaters and reduces the need for air conditioning through added insulation, positioning of the building and the use of sun shades.
Waste reduction apart from waste separation for recycling are additional measures green hotels can take, such as soap and shampoo dispensers in bathrooms instead of small plastic containers still seen in most hotels, not just in Africa of course but around the world.

Samantha Annandale, CEO of Verde Hotels

Said Samantha when asked about the challenges and opportunities when going green in resorts and hotels:

As the need for change in how we build and manage hotels has certainly been identified, it is still unfortunately slow in the uptake of this concept. We continuously advocate the above average IRR, saving of natural resources, unique and powerful marketing case, greater bottom line profit, all whilst ensuring a greater social economic impact. We can only trust that this reality becomes more prevalent and takes higher focus within the investor and tourism sectors and that there is definitely no other alternative but to partner with a company that takes sustainability to the next level.
The opportunity is now to showcase that Africa can lead in sustainability, minimising carbon footprint and set the example globally on slowing down global warming, whilst continuing economic growth. One of our most important values is how we, as a green sustainable management company, focus on the wellbeing of our employees by not only creating opportunity but working with them to reach their full development potential as individuals. Our employees, after all, are the brand ambassadors of the Verde brand and making a difference in people’s lives transcends into their own homes and families where the benefits are dynamically felt‘.

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