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ISSUE 07 – JULY 2017

Sustainable Tourism makes business sense as our eco-friendly hotels, lodges, attractions, and tour operators featured in this, and in past editions, can testify to. Just read how Lalibela has impacted on the Eastern Cape’s economy to see what I mean.

It’s clear from this month’s editorial content that African governments need to develop effective methods of collecting tourism data to accurately assess the sector’s contribution to sustainable tourism development as the latest UN report on Economic Development in Africa shows.

From a hotel data perspective, HVS have analysed 21 countries to provide excellent “big picture” data, indicating which market areas are experiencing positive trends for investment opportunities.

For a deeper understanding of these and other hospitality related issues, I urge you to attend the THINC Africa conference in Cape Town at the end of August – see you there.

Happy reading. #IYSTD2017

Des Langkilde. editor


02 City Lodge Hotel Group (Advertisement)
05 World Luxury Spa & Restaurant Awards (Advertisement)
06 ATA Congress Rwanda – 28-31 Aug 2017 (Advertisement)
Conscious Conferencing Tips
With a strong sense of contributing to saving the planet, business travellers are calling for conference organisers to up their game. Here are a few eco-friendly tips from Spier’s conferencing team.
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08 Join the Fair Trade Move Toward Sustainability
Fair Trade Tourism’s new membership programme aims to assist businesses that need support for their sustainability measures but don’t have the resources to become certified in the short term.
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09 Eco & Sustainable Tourism Icons
Need a simple yet effective way to show your commitment to sustainable tourism? Join Eco-Atlas and show eco-travellers how to eat, shop, stay and play the green way at your establishment.
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Eco-Friendly Tours: Coffeebeans Routes
Travel is about sharing experiences and few tour operators enable guests to immerse themselves in South Africa’s extraordinary mix of culture and creativity better than Coffeebeans Routes.
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11 Eco-Friendly Guesthouse: Parker Cottage
Parker Cottage in the heart of Cape Town’s City Bowl is more than just another bed-and-breakfast set in an old building (circa 1895). It’s arguably the greenest heritage building in the city.
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12 Eco-Friendly Hotel: Spier
As one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms, Spier is passionate about the environment and supporting the local community. It makes a difference in the lives of its guests, staff, the environment, and community every day.​
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13 Celebrating Lalibela’s Economic Impact
Bucking the trend of gloomy economic forecasts for South Africa, Lalibela Game Reserves’s positive impact on the Eastern Cape tourism economy over the past year provides ample cause for celebration.
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14 Economic Development in Africa
The Economic Development in Africa Report 2017 has just been released by the United Nations. Here are a few of the startling findings contained in the report.​
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16 Tourist Arrivals & Hotel Stats for South Africa: Jan-May 2017
Get the latest Overseas and African Tourist Arrivals, Hotel RevPar, and Airport Passenger Arrival statistics for 2017.
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17 Hotel Valuation Index: Africa
Thinking of investing in a hotel? The HVS Index offers critical information on 21 African hotel markets, including hotel value changes and projections with intelligence on market dynamics.
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24 A Ranger’s View On Rhino Poaching
Xolani Funda, Chief Ranger of the Kruger National Park, says that Rangers are fighting an uphill battle against lawless criminals while they themselves must uphold the letter of the law.
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26 Exploring Zanzibar
There is much to see and do in Zanzibar, whether you are looking for an adventure, a touch of history or just pure relaxation. Here are 5 splendid to-do activities that you should add to your travel itinerary!​
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29 8 Reasons to Attend THINC Africa 2017
If you missed the inaugural event last year, then you do not want to miss the second conference taking place at the FNB Portside Building in Cape Town’s iconic V&A Waterfront precinct in August.
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30  Property Review: Town Lodge Midrand
Location and convenience are the prime motivators for city hotel selection in business tourism. This pearl of wisdom occurred to me when I checked into the City Lodge Midrand.​
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31  Consumer Goods & Services Ombudsman – Part 1
Our legal beagle, Louis the Lawyer explains the implications of this legislation, and what the tourism industry must do to comply with the provisions of the Code. It’s a scary story – this is Part 1.​
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