More news from ‘Further Down South’ by Gill Staden


Courtesy of Gill Staden’s ‘The Livingstone bi-Weekly’


Baboon causes power cut
Lake Kariba
School Club Trip
Northern Circuit – corrections
Nuclear Power for Zambia
Zambia Carnivore Programme in Busanga, Liuwa and Lupande
Zambean Coffee raising funds for Conservation and artists
Giraffe de-snared in Luangwa
Camp Phoenix ele, Chamilundu, goes walk-about
Nine years for poachers in Hwange
More rangers for Hwange
Another collared lion shot near Hwange NP
More animals on the move from Save to Mozambique
Matusadona Anti-Poaching burns 15 km of nets
Tourism levy introduced into Botswana
Namibian Desert lion in danger from hunter
Poaching on the rise in Botswana
Steigler’s Gorge power project in Selous NP, Tanzania, to go ahead
Volcano may erupt in Tanzania
Nyika Plateau in Malawi needs better road access

Some videos

Down the Zambezi gorges in a kayak

Listen to a cheetah call from The Hide in Hwange

Or listen to a honey badger in the Caprivi

A promotional video for Lower Zambezi National Park

Cheetah Conservation Botswana