Zambia, Egypt, boots, rhinos and ostriches

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Cape Town from the sky

The Mother City as you’ve not seen it before, by Mauro Matalone

Zambia’s highlights

Something new to discover in every corner

If the boot fits

Buying the correct hiking boot involves doing a little legwork

Egypt, month by month

Hottest months, coolest months, best months

Location, location, location

The intricate art of home building in the natural world

Shaping the continent, part 2

Come rain or shine

The ostrich

"Don’t put your head in the sand, I’m watching you!"

Partner Profile

We meet the co-founders of Part of Africa, an exclusive sales and marketing agent for a private reserve in Botswana’s Tuli Block

Walking with rhinos

Jenny Bowen leads her first Walking Women holiday in central Swaziland, with crashing success

Q&A: Grant Reed

When it comes to wildlife experiences, there isn’t much that this man hasn’t seen or done

Seeing is believing

A new column by Mike Unwin exploring the weird world of African wildlife, starting with the outlandish shoebill

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