Ewaso Lions News: Naramat has cubs, Shivani receives PhD, New bus for kids

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04th of Aug 2017

Naramat gives birth to 4 cubs


We are really excited to announce that Naramat, the resident lioness in Westgate Conservancy, has given birth to 4 cubs. This is only the third time in 10 years that we know of lionesses successfully breeding within the community landscape, and is the first time that cubs have been born within the Conservation Area. She has moved around with her cubs frequently, especially with the arrival of Loeku and Lguret (see story below), and is managing to cope well during this challenging time.

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e1fa4c06-23d2-4ab7-9dd3-3de5155b1c8f.jpgMama Simba receive a car & Lion Kids Camp a bus

Thanks to generous supporters, we have been able to purchase two new vehicles: a Suzuki 4WD and a new “bush bus”. The Suzuki, which will be shared between our research and community programmes, will be partly used by our Mama Simba programme and driven by Munteli who passed her driving test in April! CMC Motors in Nanyuki held a lovely surprise handover ceremony where the Mama Simba ladies were presented with the new vehicle. Also, thanks to donors, we received our incredible "bush bus" in July. The arrival of the bus marks an exciting step forward in our quest to scale-up our Lion Kids Camp programme and engage more children from across Kenya in conservation. The bus will also be used by community members for wildlife safaris, exposure tours and training events. It has taken 2.5 years to raise funds for this bus and have it custom-made for the bush, but we managed and our team is thrilled!

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93c3c373-599a-43bd-8e12-607e27329633.jpgLions move through a challenging landscape

Since the arrival of the 4 new males in April, we have seen a marked change in the movement patterns of Lguret and Loeku. Fortunately Loeku was collared in February and we have been able to identify new lion corridors and key dispersal zones.

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f3189848-5cee-4338-9b36-db79530cf475.jpgShivani receives her PhD from Oxford

We are very excited to announce that our Founder and Executive Director, Shivani, received her PhD from the University of Oxford in England in July. This was a long and challenging journey for Shivani but she is thrilled to have finally achieved this. Her thesis focuses on lions in human occupied landscapes and what they need in order to survive with people.
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102bf4d6-cac2-414b-a14a-3d28afaed935.jpgSolomon heads to university thanks to Jeremy Lucas Education Fund

Our sponsored student, Solomon Lenasalia from Kipsing, secured a place at Kenyatta University in Nairobi to study a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (with a focus on Environmental Resource Management) and will be funded through the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund. Solomon will start his course in September and we are all really excited and so proud of him. Since completing secondary school in 2016, he has been working with the Ewaso Lions team and teaching at our Mama Simba school in Lempaute. Congratulations Solomon!

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443e4ebd-86d2-43f3-a3b5-600139f864bd.jpgEwaso Lions joins hands with ICEA Lion Group to save lions

We are delighted to announce that the ICEA Lion Group, a Kenyan based insurer and financial services company, has partnered with Ewaso Lions on the I See A Lion campaign. The campaign promotes lion conservation across Kenya and spreads awareness about the threats lions face. The ICEA lion team spent time with our warriors in Samburu and produced a short clip about our work conserving lions. They are also supporting our warriors by enabling us to purchase data collection equipment allowing us to monitor wildlife effectively.
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c735a67a-288c-4a7a-85e5-273df5dbcc40.jpgFeatured Photo

We have a new addition to our camp. Jeneria rescued this little puppy at the end of June from a nearby village. We have named her Nanyori, meaning green, after her beautiful green eyes. We were concerned that Kura our camp dog would not accept her, but both dogs are now finally playing and we are excited to watch this young one grow up at our Ewaso Lions Camp in Samburu.
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Photos © Ewaso Lions. I See A Lion photo © Jillian Knox