Le Duc de Praslin invests in smart AND green technologies, again!


(Posted 04th August 2017)

Le Duc de Praslin Hotel & Villas has more recently again invested significantly in some of the latest ‘smart’ technologies to improve on its service delivery. The famous homegrown establishment located at Cote D’Or on the island of Praslin continues to innovate and plan for the future with the installation of sophisticated security cameras and new inverter type air conditioning units.

The latest Daikin inverter air conditioning units in over half the rooms is part of the hotel’s drive to improve on its green label and reduced carbon footprint which in turn assists in reducing the high cost of utilities. Late last year, the hotel embarked on a project to install a significant number of solar panels (the maximum permitted) on the roofs of its main buildings which has contributed in a marked reduction of their electricity consumption. The first phase of the installation of the air conditioning units is a further commitment by the hotel to boost its sustainability credentials and the second phase is expected to be completed at the end of this year, when all the older generation units will be phased out.

As a further boost to improving the safety and security of the hotel and its clients, an investment of about 20,000 US Dollars in over 50 surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the hotel’s premises.

Despite having had no security incidents / misdemeanours over the past 10 years, the management believes that extra security equipment acts as a deterrent and provides more high-tech surveillance of the premises. This is especially so as the hotel has both a beachfront and garden location with several dining and entertainment outlets popular with both hotel guests and outside patrons. The equipment is in no way intruding on clients’ privacy as they have been installed only in public areas.

We are proud to continue our investment in the latest technologies to ensure that the comfort and security of that our clients is enhanced. We have several outlets such as our Chill Out Tapas lounge bar that attracts numerous patrons and it is important that they enjoy a hassle-free experience,” commented Robert Payet, General Manager of Le Duc de Praslin Hotel & Villas.