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Let us take you on a journey around Africa and show you the Africa the mainstream media would never show you; the true Africa that is untainted by bias, discrimination or racism. Contrary to popular opinion, Africa isn’t a dark continent. Africa isn’t generally hot. Africans aren’t primitive people.
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The Nomad: ‘See Swaziland and Die’

South Africa may have appropriated every space in our mind about southern African; however, there are other fascinating places to visit in the sub-region, in fact, on pocket-friendly budget. Take Swaziland for example, the kingdom appears a mere postage stamp on the map, step inside and the landscapes will take you by surprise with its vast, rugged panoramas that stretch away to every horizon.

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Bucketlist: Top 25 African Adventure Sites

Don’t just jump at every holiday offer; to help you prepare for your 2016 holiday trips and travel, here are sites you should consider to add to your itinerary. These are without a doubt the best 25 adventure sites in Africa.

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Memoir: I Met a Roan in Swaziland

“Stop, stop, I’d like to take a photo”, said Terry and I pulled the car over to watch the approaching roan.

Terry had his camera on zoom trying to focus on this particular animal, and it obliged by walking closer to us. And closer, and closer until the roan completely filled his view finder. Terry took his camera away from his face only to realise that the roan was eye-balling him, only 1m away!

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Soul City: Ouagadougou!

That name sounds like a line in rap music; some say it makes them smile, more or less confirming city’s reality. You know that feeling you have when you actually have so little yet you are so contented. Yeah, I saw it in the city.

Burkina Faso’s capital is popular for a number of reasons, one of which is its people’s fondness for art and creativity.
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Afro-Recipe: Mombasa Khatta Bateta

This month, we will be attempting a homemade version of the Mombasa style snack of sour potatoes known as Khatta Bateta.

Given the strong influence of Asian cuisine in Kenya’s gastronomy, it is not uncommon to find Asian street food with a Kenyan twist to the taste.
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