Kenya Tourism Board confirms tourists are enjoying their vacations


(Posted 10th August 2017)

The Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federation Mr. Mohammed Hersi, has earlier today issued a statement reflecting on the just concluded general and presidential elections in East Africa’s largest economy.
This comes hot on the heels of the Kenya Tourism Board reporting continued strong arrivals to the country even over the election week, somewhat unprecedented given that the tourism flow in the past often dwindled during this period.

Said KTB in a statement:

Kenya continues to report an increase in arrivals with the key attractions being the wildebeest migration at the Mara, the Madaraka Express rail services to Mombasa and increased chartered flights by international carriers including from Poland, Italy and Oman.

‘International arrivals from January to April this year closed at 292,160 compared to 264,784 in 2016 – representing a 10.3 percent increase in tourist inflows to the country. Given the feedback we have received from numerous stakeholders, including hoteliers at the coast as well as the Maasai Mara, most hotels and resorts are currently experiencing full booking’ said Kenya Tourism Board CEO, Dr. Betty Radier

The wildebeest migration, also known as the 8th wonder of the world, started in June and is expected to continue until October. This attraction continues to bring many tourists globally to the Maasai Mara. In fact a single search of the Maasai Mara on Instagram generates more than 50,000 posts, mostly from international visitors in the past month.

World influencers and celebrities including Jack Ma, the Executive Chairperson of Alibaba and Veronica Ferraro,Italian fashion blogger added to those keen to experience the magic.

Kenya has also provided a haven for honeymooners such as newlyweds Julliane Hough and Brooks Laich who decided to have an adventurous honeymoon at the Mara. The two enjoyed watching the great migration, going on a magnificent game drive, hot air balloon rides and nature walks.

According to news reports, many international tourists have been giving Kenya great reviews following their great experiences in Kenya.

Flora Farago, an international tourist visiting the country spoke to the local press, the Daily Nation, and told of how the great migration drew her to Kenya. She continued to say that she had to witness the migration despite negative reports about Kenya ahead of the elections in international media.

The number of tourists visiting the coastal region also tremendously increased following the commencement of the Madaraka Express rail services. Launched just two months ago, the Madaraka Express so far has ferried over 200,000 passengers between Mombasa and Nairobi.

Hoteliers say the rail services have opened up the coastal area to a new segment of holidaymakers that range from domestic to international tourists. They further highlighted more holidaymakers are visiting their facilities due to the efficiency, low cost and convenience of the rail service.

At this time of the year bed occupancy rate usually oscillates between 40-50 percent, but currently the situation is much better some reporting as high as 80 percent.

Kenya’s hosting of the just concluded 10th and final edition of the IAAF WU18 Championships also added to the increase of arrivals into the country. The WU18 Championships brought 130 nations and over 70 international media into the country, and broke records at the highest attended world under 18 and 20 championships globally.

‘We believe the data for the months of May to July are representative of growth in tourism numbers to Kenya. We are optimistic that the sector will remain resilient’ said Dr. Radier.

The tourism private sector through Chairman Mohamed Hersi acknowledged the collective gains that tourism has made over time, he said, “The sector is experiencing the best season since 2012 and we are certain that we are heading to reclaim our number one position in contribution to Kenya’s economy

Kenya looks forward to a further increase in numbers, following the awaited commencement of direct flights from France and the US.

Meanwhile has Mohammed Hersi’s statement equally reassured the market and the industry, which in 2017 continues its long march towards full recovery, uninterrupted it seems by the August 08th elections:

*Election Kenya 2017.*

To My Fellow Kenyans

It is time to move on . Listening to all the observers they have given a clean bill to the electrol process and as tourism players we would like to add our voice.

The isolated cases of demos is what the international media is looking for painting Kenya as a violent country. We are in the middle of a very busy tourist season and we are now getting very concerned. We urge Kenyans to avoid any violent confrontation .

We have always been warm and nice to our visitors . I urge all Kenyans across the nation to continue extending our traditional warm hospitality to our visitors who have chosen Kenya over very many other competing destinations.

Again with alot of humility I appeal to the opposition to take up any issue along legal framework. We have a very independent Judiciary and it is only fair we have faith in our systems and rule of law.

Demos simply paint Kenya as a violent country and that is what most of the international press are yearning for to write us off as just another African country. Good people let us not fall into that trap. Demos leave many getting hurt and at times fatal .

Building takes ages while destruction takes a few hours. Tourism which is now the 2nd highest foreign exchange earner is always the first to suffer due to immediate cancellations.. Tourism is labour intensive and we employ millions of Kenyans both directly and indirectly.

On behalf of the tourism fraternity we call upon IEBC to quickly conclude the results and announce a winner in the Presidential race . We would also like to join the international community in commending the electrol body in conducting a generally smooth polls under very difficult circumstances. We also salute Kenyans who came out in great numbers to cast their vote.

We pray and hope that reason will prevail and that Kenya is far bigger and more important than anyone or any party.

As always I choose to remain an optimist and may God Bless Kenya.

Mohammed Hersi
Kenya Tourism Federation.

All the best in coming days to my many friends in Kenya and for a continued recovery of the tourism industry during the rest of the year!