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ISSUE 08 – AUGUST 2017


Dear ATC Readers,

Did you know that August comes from the Latin word Augustus, meaning ‘consecrated’ (in honour of Augustus Caesar, whose Senate changed the name of their month ‘Sextilis’ to ‘Augustus’ in 8 BC)? As an adjective, the word means ‘respected’, which is rather appropriate given that yesterday was National Women’s Day in South Africa (in remembrance of 50,000 women who marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the apartheid pass laws of 1950). The 9th of August is also a National Holiday – thank’s ladies!

The August magazine is all about travel destinations – from eco-friendly properties to sustainable tourism solutions and award winning World Luxury Spas and Restaurants. We’ve plotted 100 worthy places to visit in our Incredible Journey road trip route through South Africa, we travel to Kenya to discover luxury experiences, and explore Zimbabwe’s premium travel expo in Bulawayo.

In the Business & Finance section, we provide the latest tourism statistics for South Africa and worldwide, explore the economic benefits of hosting events in Africa, discover why business tourism is expanding in Africa, and interview Robert Bol, CEO of Pitch & Match – an app that enables business deal making at live and online travel trade events.

Talking about business deals, the THINC Africa conference has just launched their new meeting planner. If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to register and attend. See you in Cape Town at the end of August.

As usual, just click on the top image to read the magazine online or click on the images in this issue to read each story.

Happy reading. #IYSTD2017

Des Langkilde. editor


02 City Lodge Hotel Group 
05 Come Live the Magic of Kenya
06 Sanganai World Tourism Expo
Eco-Friendly Hotels: The Mantis Collection
Adrian Gardiner’s Mantis Collection, comprised of hotels, eco-escapes and lifestyle resorts, has a vision for sustainability and their latest project – a unique bamboo charcoal air purifier in all Mantis hotel rooms – also provides a solution to Africa’s deforestation crisis.
08 World Luxury Spa & Restaurant Awards (Advertisement)
EcoPlanet Bamboo: Sustainability for Africa
EcoPlanet Bamboo is leading the way for the tourism industry to become truly deforestation free by providing a viable triple bottom line solution. Besides having restored over 15,000 acres of land globally they have created more than 750 employment opportunities.
10 Eco & Sustainable Tourism Icons
Need a simple yet effective way to show your commitment to sustainable tourism? Join Eco-Atlas and show eco-travellers how to eat, shop, stay and play the green way at your establishment.
11 Join the Fair Trade Move Toward Sustainability
Fair Trade Tourism’s new membership programme aims to assist businesses that need support for their sustainability measures but don’t have the resources to become certified in the short term. They guide you along the sustainability path and improve market access.
14 2017 World Luxury Spa & Restaurant Winners
Congratulations to all 2017 award winners across the globe. Africa based spas and restaurants fared well at the award ceremony held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Hanoi, Philippines and took home 78 wins across the continent!
Tourist Arrivals & Hotel Stats for South Africa: August 2017 Report
Get the latest Overseas and African Tourist Arrivals, Hotel RevPar, and Airport Passenger Arrival statistics for 2017.

To download and save this report as a PDF file click HERE.

17 Global Tourism Statistics: Jan-Apr 2017
Here’s some good news: International tourist arrivals worldwide grew by 6% in January-April of 2017 compared to the same period last year, with business confidence reaching its highest levels in a decade.
18 Economic Benefits of Hosting Events in Africa
Martin Jansen van Vuuren reports a seven-figure economic boost to destinations that have hosted the Africa Hotel Investment Forum over the past six years. That’s a contribution of $16.8 million to African economies with deals worth over $4billion concluded.
19 Business Tourism in Africa Continues to Expand
Zandre Campos, CEO of ABO Capital, reports that Africa is growing in popularity as a destination for business tourism. He concludes that Africa has the potential to be one of the most popular destinations for business tourism and will continue to improve in the ICCA rankings.
20 Discovering Luxury in Kenya
Kenya is an exceptional African destination for luxury holidays with variety to suit different segments; couples, honeymooners or families. In this feature, we look at Beach & Golf Safaris, Hot Air Balloon Safaris, Spa & Wellness Safaris, Exclusivity, and Culinary Experiences.
24 South Africa’s Ultimate Journey: 100 Worthy Places
See if your favourite place has been worthy of inclusion in Tourism Tattler’s route of 100 places for an ultimate road trip journey. Cast your vote and enter the draw to win a road trip for up to four people, valued at R50 000 from MotorHappy.