Reunion in demand as tourist arrivals keep growing



(Posted 11th August 2017)

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Tourism statistics: first half-year

The first half of 2017 confirms the excellent results recorded during the last year and the first months of 2017 and augur a historic year in terms of tourist activity on the island of Reunion.

The first half of this year 2017 exceeded all expectations and reinforced all the professionals of tourism of the island of Reunion on the excellent current trend: 228 672 outside visitors were welcomed on the island during this first Semester including 218,316 outside tourists and 10,556 cruise passengers.

Compared to the first few months of 2016, it is therefore a historical increase in attendance of 14.9%, or 28,282 more tourists, recorded in this new year. A record number since this is the largest attendance ever recorded in a first semester!

  • The month of January was exceptional and never before were such figures reached at this time of the year. During the first half of the year, it was also the month when the number of tourists visiting the country was highest, with 53,445 tourists.

  • The first quarter of the year had grown by 16% compared to the previous year and the second quarter increased by 13.7%.

  • Recreational tourists remain largely the majority of visitors, accounting for nearly 192,939 visitors in the first quarter of the year, which represents 88% of total attendance, compared with 11% for tourists. ‘business. The average length of stay on the island is 17 days

Changes in attendance

Of all travelers who have chosen La Réunion as their destination, it is worth noting that nearly 82.7% of tourists do not originate from the island.

Metropolitan France remains the most promising market for the intense island, 166,869 for the first part of the year, and the number of visitors from France increased by 10% compared with the first half of the year The year 2016.

Our neighbors in the Indian Ocean area seem to be increasingly attracted to our destination: over the first few months of the year, we recorded exceptional growth of 88% compared to the previous year! These tourists now represent 13.3% of the total clientele. Among them, it is mainly the Mauritian and Mahorais tourists who make up this segment of traveler.

European customers (excluding metropolitan France) accounted for 6.3% of total attendance, with 13,797 travelers counted. The bulk of this workforce, more than 75%, comes from the Belgian, German and Swiss markets. Finally, tourists from the rest of the world now represent 1.9% of the total number of travelers registered in the first half of 2017.

Once there, 48.4% of these tourists opted for merchant accommodation. The classified hotels remain the most popular establishments and received 52,889 travelers during the period, representing 24.2% of the total clientele. Then followed by the seasonal rentals that attracted 16% of travelers.

Cruise ships stay on course

Between January and April 2017, 15 cruise ships anchored near our shores for a stopover. On this occasion, more than 10,000 passengers and members of equipages decided to set foot on foot and visit our island. This is also an increase from previous years.

Highest satisfaction

In addition to a large number of tourists, the quality of the tourist services offered on the island has been hailed by the overwhelming majority of travelers. Indeed, visitors are more and more pleased with their experience on Intense Island: Indicators show a satisfaction rate of 99%! Almost all tourists visiting the island say they are very satisfied or satisfied with the tourist interest of the destination Reunion.

Significant economic benefits for the island

This significant influx of tourists also represents a significant financial windfall for the local economy. The figures recorded during the first half of the year are a source of encouragement for professionals in the tourism sector of the island: Indeed, the revenues generated by foreign tourists throughout their stays amounted to 86.9 million euros, Plus pre-departure revenues for the island of Reunion which represent € 55.4 million (excluding airline tickets). In total, receipts from foreign tourism are thus estimated at 142.3 million euros!