Flooding the Selous / The big challenge for the Serengeti


(Posted 02nd September 2017)

While sycophants within the Tanzanian establishment find it apparently normal now
to sing from one hymnsheet, regardless of the obvious consequences of the impact
suggested for various developments planned in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and
protected areas, Serengeti Watch did not deposit their brains at the door when they
highlighted once again that these projects are fraught with dangers and challenges.
Read on to find out what Serengeti Watch has to say, about the Stiegler’s Gorge
project and what may be looming in the future for the Serengeti, once the showcase
national park under founding father Julius Nyerere but today apparently only another
piece of real estate for the current leadership.

Selous Reserve under threat. Population Growth around the Serengeti


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Dear Serengeti Supporter,

Two discussions below show how much we have to do:

First, the Selous Reserve: Its plight shows how fragile our World Heritage Sites really are. Including the Serengeti.

Second, human population and welfare around the Serengeti: How can we possibly have any impact on this? We’ll discuss possible solutions in later editions of this newsletter.

Big issues, yes. But we’re building support for the Serengeti each day. We hope that you will continue to follow us and contribute to our progress.

Thank you!

The Serengeti Watch Team