Beach cleanup in #Kenya removes six tonnes of plastic waste from the shores


(Posted 18th September 2017)

The ‘International Coastal Clean Up Day‘ was observed on Saturday 16th of September along the Kenyan coast and hundreds of volunteers assembled along the beaches from Shimoni, Msambweni over Diani, Tiwi, Mombasa, Bamburi, Shanzu, Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi up to Lamu to help collect waste, left by careless visitors or washed ashore.

(Pictures courtesy of Julie Church)

The volunteers went after their business carrying large sacks with them to collect plastic and other waste products from the beaches they combed for plastic bottles. Over the weekend it was then confirmed by the organizers that over 6 tons of such waste has been collected, a sharp reminder for users of the beaches along the Kenyan coast to exercise better discipline and take their empty bottles, bottle tops and even crown corks with them after enjoying a day out.
The picture below shows some of the collected waste laid out and ready for collection towards proper processing and in the case of plastics recycling.

Also part of the cleanup were a number of NGO’s and staff from the Kenya Wildlife Service, not just along the marine national parks and reserves but beyond their areas of jurisdiction to affirm that they were keen to be part of keeping Kenya’s beaches clean.

(Pictures courtesy of Watamu Marine Association)

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