#BreakingNews as Brussels Airlines announces daily flights to Entebbe come December


(Posted 18th September 2017)

Brussels Airlines will go the ‘Extra Smile‘ for their Ugandan travelers on a daily basis, come December this year.

From presently five flights a week will the service be upgraded to daily flights, connecting the European capital city with Uganda, but also through onward flights Kigali and Bujumbura.
From Monday to Sunday will the flights, using an Airbus A330 on the route in a three class configuration of Business, Economy Privilege and Economy leave Brussels at 10.15 hrs in the morning.

All departures out of Entebbe to Brussels will be nonstop from December onwards while the inbound flights will route six times via Kigali / Rwanda (Monday to Saturday). Services out of Entebbe, from Monday to Saturday, leave at 23.55 hrs while the Sunday service to Brussels, which arrives via Bujumbura / Burundi is scheduled to leave at 23.59 hrs.
Arrival in Brussels the next morning is for all seven flights scheduled to be at 06.35 hrs in time to make literally all departures to European and Mediterranean destinations or other long haul flights to North America and India.

The move drew immediate positive comments from key travel agents and regular corporate clients of Brussels Airlines who have for some time advocated for daily flights given the high load factors on the route which network wide in August topped 85 percent.
This correspondent’s favourite airline for direct flights to Europe – without having to detour thousands of miles through other hubs – will bring Christmas early to Ugandan travelers and travelers flying to the Pearl of Africa on business or for tourism purposes who can now enjoy the ‘Savoir Vivre‘ in the air on a daily basis.

This is the first time ever that the Belgian national airline will offer daily flights between Brussels and Entebbe as even predecessor SABENA at most operated six flights a week before being succeeded by SN Brussels and then Brussels Airlines following two rebranding exercises.

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