#Kampala’s ‘Oktoberfest’ gets Brussels Airlines sponsorship


(Posted 18th September 2017)

With the main prize to be won a return tickets on Brussels Airlines to any of their European destinations is it anyone’e guess where the winner will travel to, very likely to Munich to experience the real thing while it is ongoing.
In Kampala will the annual Oktoberfest be held next weekend, on the 23rd at the Uganda Museum Gardens, with an entry fee of 10.000 Uganda Shillings or the rough equivalent of 2.50 Euros. The event venue will be open from mid day to midnight.
Brussels Airlines, a member of the Lufthansa Group, has for many years now been sponsoring the event, which was in the past held at different locations including the two leading hotels in the city, the Kampala Serena and the Kampala Sheraton before shifting last year to the gardens of the Uganda Museum.
Organizers counted more than 3.000 visitors last year to the event and hope to see an even larger turnout at the venue this year.
My wish for them, may the beer stay cold and the rain away for the day and good luck to all who try to win the Brussels Airlines ticket to Europe, my own favourite airline when traveling to the old continent.