New lease of life as the former Nyali Beach Hotel undergoes a major transformation


(Posted 18th September 2017)

Since taking over the former Nyali Beach Hotel and renaming it as Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel & Spa has a major transformation of the run down property taken shape.
From the main gate to the hotel reception and the parking areas does the gardening now show the added care and attention as do the driveway where the curb stones got a new coat of paint and potholes were fixed on the double.

(Pictures courtesy of Sun Africa Hotels / Mohammed Hersi)

The room product too is undergoing a major refurbishment to bring it back to a level that the resort can rejoin the elite of the Kenyan coast hospitality businesses while at the same time efforts are underway to reopen the formerly famous Mvita Grill, also in a new look and with a new menu, when the tape is being cut.

While no dates have been given as yet when the majority of the work will be finished there is nevertheless high expectation among Nyali residents and industry pundits that come the Christmas / New Year high season the resort will then present itself in a completely transformed state.
Said Mohammed Hersi, Group CEO of Sun Africa Hotels, yesterday: ‘Since taking over Nyali Beach Hotel we have been busy tidying up the place and getting ready for business. The driveway and car park is now all looking neat and welcoming.
For any business let alone a resort you must have a good entrance / driveway .
We are ready with our meeting rooms . We have from 20 seater board rooms to a banquet room that can hold 500 pax located right on the beach .
We are at advanced stage to revive Mvita Grill and soon you will have a great venue for fine dining with excellent live jazz band.
We also want to position our resort as the resort with the best Watersports along the eastern coast of Africa including Durban SA.
You may not know that we have over 7 suites including a palatial Presidential Suite. It is also good to know that we are located in a quiet neighbourhood and we are the nearest resort to the city and airport.
Well a journey of a 1000 miles has just began .
It gives me a lot of pleasure when I see employees putting their best foot forward despite all the challenges they have had
A site visit planned for October will confirm the level of progress made and allow for a personal assessment how Sun Africa’s first three months in the saddle have impacted and turned around Mombasa’s oldest beach resort.

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  1. Great job Hersi.As a yearly visitor to mombasa -btw,born & raised -Voyager was always my preferred place to stay. Recently stayed at the Cowrie She’ll apartments and next will definitely try the new Nyali Sun Beach Hotel.As a Dj…please restore back Noons Disco. Let the guests spend their money within rather than go clubbing at Sheba ..Naivas etc…
    Dj Cairo

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