Seychelles government set to expand main water reservoir by 60 percent


(Posted 19th September 2017)

Regular sources from Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, have confirmed that work will go underway in November to increase the capacity of the main water reservoir on Mahe by a whopping 60 percent.
The dam which holds back the rain and runoff water will be raised by some 6 metres which will help increase present capacity of one million cubic litres of water to 1.6 million cubic metres.
Also part of the work scope will be an additional water treatment plant able to process over 4.000 cubic litres of water a day for release to households and businesses on the main island.
The estimated cost of nearly 14 million US Dollars is thought worth it given the scarcity of water which often requires to use expensive desalination plants as a back up to provide enough potable water to resorts, hotels, industries and households across the main island.
Other water storage facilities are according to the source also targeted for expansion to capture more rain and runoff water and process it for human use.

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