Reunion Island – What’s happening next on the ultimate island destination

Reunion Island Tourism News Updates

Reunion Island boasts an array of activities that will surely entice you this October!

20th of September 2017

Reunion Island – What’s happening on the ultimate island destination

Reunion Island hosts a variety of sporting events throughout the year, from cycling across the rugged terrain of the island to adrenalin pumping activities – no wonders is Reunion Island known as an adventurer’s paradise …

Grand Raid – October 2017


One of the most sought after events to take place on Reunion Island is the annual Grand Raid, an ultramarathon that challenges not only the physical fitness and strength of competitors but also promises to be great fun for everyone brave enough to take part in the 162km route. This race is known for its striking scenery and 9643 m of elevation that provide participants the opportunity to immerse themselves into the remoteness of Reunion Island’s vast ecosystems.

The Grand Raid has four different categories to choose from, making the race one of the few that can be joined by families or travellers who just want to have a bit of fun. The first category introduces the Diagonale des Fous, secondly the Trail de Bourbon, which after you have the option to choose between Mascareignes and the relay race. Each race will have participants wanting more as you get to explore the breathtakingly majestic island while ticking off that cardio workout you’ve been wanting to do.

The Grand Raid 2017 is set to take place between 19th and 22nd of October and even though bookings are closed, you still have the opportunity to go and watch this spectacular event.

The Megavalanche Experience


This year’s Megavalanche will get MTB enthusiasts flocking to Reunion Island this October, as another adrenalin packed race is already on the horizon! The Megavalanche is known for its spectacular downhill and uphill trails that traverse across the island. Riders from all over the world have been spotted at this prestigious event as the pro’s take on the wild volcanic plains of the island with little hesitation.

This year’s Megavalanche will take place from 02nd to 03rd of December so be sure to book your participation in advance!

Festival Liberté Métisse

From adrenalin to culture, Reunion Island has it all. Here are some options for the art, music, and literature connoisseur looking to indulge their creative senses while exploring the abundant ethos of Reunion Island.

The Festival Liberté Métisse sums up the abundance of cultures found on Reunion Island. This tropical gem is often described as the land of a thousand faces due to its blend of different cultures, religions and heritages over four centuries. Festival Liberté Métisse aims to celebrate this diversity as it refers to a monumental moment in Reunion Island: the abolition of slavery that had anchored itself in the history of the Creole people.

This year will mark the 8th edition of the Festival Liberté Métisse which will allow people to partake and experience the purity of Creole culture by attending lectures, exhibitions, meetings and cultural festivities set to take place on Reunion Island. Discover the beauty of diversity with a visit to this unique island destination around December 2017!

Take note: XTERRA 2018
Reunion Island’s renowned XTERRA will see adventure pursuers from across the globe unite on the miscellaneous topography of Reunion Island in 2018. This triathlon guarantees some great peaks and depths as all competitors race across the tracks, meticulously crafted along the island’s lush forests, coastlines and mountainous landscapes. This is the ultimate race hosted on the ultimate destination making it a must visit event for those who are courageous enough to muster the strength for the three part race, which combines a series of mountain biking routes, running trails and a swim across the pristine coastlines. XTERRA exemplifies the essence of sportsmanship and unites all endurance enthusiasts who want to partake in an event with a twist.

Keep an eye out for more in-depth updates on all Reunion Island’s promotions and events throughout the year and be sure to go to Reunion for the ultimate experience!

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